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Early Supported Discharge

Early Supported Discharge (ESD) describes pathways of care for people transferred from an inpatient environment to a primary care setting to continue a period of rehabilitation, reablement and recuperation at a similar level of intensity and delivered by staff with the same level of expertise as they would have received in the inpatient setting.

Economically Active

Collective description of people, including full time students, who are working or looking for work and are available to start work within 2 weeks.

Elective Admission

A patient admitted to hospital for a planned clinical intervention, involving at least an overnight stay.

Electoral ward

A geographical area which is an administrative subdivision of a local authority, representing the level at which councillors are elected. Electoral wards are the key building blocks of UK administrative geography.

Emergency (non- elective) Admission

An unplanned admission to hospital at short notice because of clinical need or because alternative care is not available.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Contraception used for preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex.

Emergency Planning Officer

Emergency planning offices plan for protecting and maintaining public safety.

English as an Additional Language

The government currently gives extra funding to schools to help them teach children with English as an additional language.

Environmental health officer

Environmental health officers are tasked with making sure that peoples' living and working environments are safe.

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