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Measles information for festival goers

The number of cases of measles is increasing amongst festival goers.  Measles is extremely infectious, spreads easily and can be more severe in teenagers and adults, with some of the recent cases...

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Happiness from my head to-ma-toes

As the evenings get lighter and longer, many will be dusting down their forks and spades and venturing out in to their forgotten gardens to renew their quest for self-sufficiency and a dream of...

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Public Mental Health

“Oh well, we’ve all got to die of something!” This may be a cliché, but it also captures an attitude increasingly engrained in our culture.  More than ever, people are striving for a full life, not...

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Mental Health Services for Children & Young People - Transformation Plan

Why is the mental health of young people such a key priority? The mental well-being of children and young people is important to us all.  For young people themselves, good mental health means that...

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Flu season 2015!

What is flu? Flu or ‘influenza’ is an extremely contagious respiratory illness. It’s caused by influenza viruses infecting the windpipe and lungs. Although the symptoms can be similar to a cold, flu...

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Beyond Nagging

In relation to physical activity, McCartney (2015) rightly calls for more policy-based work that aims to "create a society in which exercise is the easy, pleasant option;" However, potentially even...

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To vape or not to vape?

Anyone looking through the various media reports on e-cigarettes recently may understandably be left confused.  While some warn that they are a dangerous product destined to lead to widespread...

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Don't fall for it!

This month we are promoting awareness and prevention of falls in Bracknell Forest! We often underestimate how much of an effect falls can have on a person both physically and mentally. It’s...

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The Anaphylaxis Campaign hopes to get a big public reaction!

Friday 15th May sees the launch of the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s annual ‘Orange Wig Day 2015’; a day that aims to highlight the risks, symptoms and treatment of severe allergies and anaphylaxis. Many...

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Getting Active in Bracknell Forest!

In this edition of Public Health News we present views from two people helping to get Bracknell Forest people up and running. Vikki Roberts is a Personal Trainer who specialises in Running Fitness...

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Stop before your op!

Research shows that quitting smoking can reduce the chances of complications for people having surgery. Having surgery is a challenge that many people face each year.  It can be scary, frustrating...

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Putting Chlamydia to the test!

Recent data shows that efforts to raise awareness of Chlamydia in Bracknell Forest are working well. Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK,...

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Flu in older people

As winter approaches the risk of catching flu increases. The most effective way to protect yourself this winter is to get a flu jab. Certain groups are at particular risk and can receive a free flu...

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What’s in your glass?

Nowadays having a drink or two when socialising with friends has become the ‘social norm’ in our society. When drinking exceeds the national guidelines that are in place to help reduce harm to our...

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Thinking about the future

Mental health is often overlooked and underestimated as to its effects on our overall health and wellbeing. Mental illness is more common than people think. Whether it’s very mild of very severe, 1...

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