Don't fall for it!

This month we are promoting awareness and prevention of falls in Bracknell Forest!

We often underestimate how much of an effect falls can have on a person both physically and mentally. It’s therefore important to raise awareness of the severity of falls in older people. Below are a few facts:

  • Nationally 1 in 3 people aged 65 and over fall each year.
  • Nationally 1 in 2 people aged 80 and over fall each year.
  • In the UK falls are the leading cause of serious accidental injury amongst 65 and over. One of the most common injuries is hip fracture.
  • 30% of people who fracture their hip die within 1 year.

The good news is, that falls can be prevented and with our new falls prevention service, FallsFree4Life, we are helping to stop falls before they happen!

What is FallsFree4Life and how does it work?

FallsFree4Life is a FREE service that can be accessed by any Bracknell Forest resident who is 65 and over and is concerned about their risk of falling.

Residents can make an appointment to have one of the team’s friendly wellness coaches visit their home and undertake a full in-depth falls risk assessment, covering all factors that can increase this risk. Having an assessment in the home allows for the wellness coach to not only pick out any hazards in the home environment but also means that there is no need to travel and the service is easily accessible!

The wellness coach can offer tailored advice to reduce risk based on the person’s assessment results and can also refer them onto further community support if needed. One of these services is the Well Balanced classes, also funded by Bracknell Forest Council. This is a 12 week programme of strength and balance exercises that aims to improve mobility and confidence. They’re also great for socialising!

Appointments can be made by:

What’s happening this month?

For the month of June, the FallsFree4Life team are running a falls awareness campaign with a series of weekly events! These events are aimed at both people aged 65 and over and their families and friends and aim to spread the word about falls prevention across Brackenll Forest!

The team have already held a 1950s/60s party to kick off the campaign and are running 3 more events this month:

  • Classic cinema afternoon- Tuesday 10th June, 2.45pm- Crowthorne Parish Hall
  • Games afternoon- 17th June, 2pm-4.30pm- Point Bingo Bracknell
  • The BIG quiz- 22nd June, 11am-2pm, Bullbrook Community Centre

Further information about these events, and how to book a place, as well as falls prevention resources can be found on the FallsFree4Life website.


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