Getting Active in Bracknell Forest!

In this edition of Public Health News we present views from two people helping to get Bracknell Forest people up and running.

Vikki Roberts is a Personal Trainer who specialises in Running Fitness.  She writes:

"The benefits of physical activity to our wellbeing are well-established. Aside from the physical benefits, being active can lift our mood and improve our confidence.

In my role as a coach and personal trainer I have witnessed all sorts of anxieties in people making the first step into a more active life.  Sometimes people worry that they won’t be able to keep up, that they are too old, or that they need to go to a gym. None of this is true!

The most important thing is to find an activity you enjoy. To help you with this the Bracknell Forest Council have put together a list of over 70 sports, recreational and keep fit activities on their website for inspiration. Perhaps horse riding appeals, or maybe netball or bowls?

Of course, when it comes to getting fit, running is still one of the best options.  Recent surveys show a significant increase in the numbers running regularly in the UK, and that’s people of all ages and abilities. 

But maybe you’ve tried running in the past but not enjoyed running alone.  If so, then groups such as the weekly Bracknell RunFitUK session might be worth a look. These offer either running specific fitness sessions or small group runs for all abilities.  Or, there’s our local running club – Bracknell Forest Runners.

Whatever option you choose, remember that the main aim is to love doing it!  It can be hard to take the plunge and get started – but so many people do every day – and are always glad they did!"

The growth in running participation is no more evident than at the weekly ‘parkrun’ events.  Naomi Aitken, Event Director for the new Bracknell parkrun, tells us more…

"Bracknell parkrun is a free 5km run every Saturday morning. Absolutely anybody can take part; you can walk, run or jog the whole thing. There is no need to be super fit, but obviously the more you do it, the better you get at it! Everybody is a winner at parkrun. It is so much more than a 5km run, it is about bringing communities together.

The Bracknell parkrun takes place every Saturday, 9am at Great Hollands Recreation Ground and is suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities who want to meet new people, improve their health and increase their physical activity levels.  It is not a race, but a timed run.

It’s free to join the parkrun!  All we ask is that runners register online before their first run and print a barcode which they take with them every week. Any runners under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult around the course.

And, don’t forget, the event is only possible due to volunteers making it happen. No prior experience is needed to volunteer so feel free to get in touch and start volunteering.

So come along and join in.  You’ll always find a warm welcome!"


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