Public health survey

The Public Health Survey was carried out to assess the needs of the Bracknell Forest population and ensure services provided by the council and other local health service providers meet these needs.

Interviewing was undertaken between 9th October and 4th December 2013. The survey used a questionnaire design with 42 questions divided into screeners (4), health status (26) and demographics (12). The interviews lasted around 15 minutes on average. All interviews were completed by telephone using CATI (Computer assisted telephone interviewing).

In total 1,824 telephone surveys were completed with at least 100 interviews taking place in each ward. Within each ward quotas were set on age, gender and ethnicity. Upon completion findings were weighted back to the overall profile of Bracknell Forest based on gender, age and ward size.

The public health survey will give accurate results. Given the adult population (16+) of 89,743 (ONS, 2013), a sample of 1800 gives a 95% confidence that reported sample means (averages) will have a variance of no more than +/-2.29% from actual population means.

Although all interviews have now been completed and data has been compiled, the Bracknell Forest Public Health Survey is currently undergoing further analysis. To remain up to date with the current status of the survey and to be alerted when it is published, please feel free to sign up to the Bracknell Forest JSNA newsletter.

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