What is a JSNA?

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is the means by which we assess the current and future health healthcare and wellbeing needs of the local population in Bracknell Forest.  It is an assessment of local, current and future health and social care needs that could be met by local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), the NHS and other partners.  It will inform Bracknell Forests’ Joint Health and Wellbeing Board, which has a duty and responsibility to identify key priorities to improve the Health and Wellbeing for people living in Bracknell Forest.  The Health and Wellbeing Board produces a health and wellbeing strategy which is based on the needs identified within a JSNA.  

Why do we need a JSNA?

In 2012 the Health and Social Care Act was launched.  This has given local authority and clinical commissioning groups an equal duty to prepare JSNAs and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWS), through the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The JSNA includes a range of quantitative and qualitative evidence looking at specific groups, like hard to reach groups, as well as wider issues that affect health such as crime, community safety, education, skills and planning.

The information within the JSNA is essential to establish:

  • the needs of the whole community including how needs vary for people at different ages, and may be harder to meet for those in disadvantaged areas or vulnerable groups who experience inequalities, such as people who find it difficult to access services
  • the wider social, environmental and economic factors that impact on health and wellbeing - such as access to green space, air quality, housing, community safety, employment.
  • Bracknell Forest ProfileThis section contains the Bracknell Forest ward profiles and demographics.You are here
  • Starting WellThis section contains information on maternity and ages 0-4 years.You are here
  • Developing WellThis section contains information on young people's health and wellbeing.You are here
  • Living & Working WellThis section contains information on adult health conditions and lifestyle choices.You are here
  • Ageing WellThis section contains information on older people's health and wellbeing.You are here
  • People & PlacesThis section contains information on the wider determinants of health.You are here